March 20, 2023

Showcase Highlight

The following posts were up voted and made it to our Showcase channel. Check out this amazing stuff some of our members have made!

All artwork, images and content belong to the respective author mentioned in the post. Do not share, reproduce or manipulate in ANY way without express permission from that author.

  • DLC Slimer

    DLC Slimer

    Artwork by @Ztomic

  • A Very Phoebe Christmas

    A Very Phoebe Christmas

    Artwork by @KingMera

  • Into the rift

    Into the rift

    A story by AI Chapter 1: The Haunting The Ghostbusters were in the middle of…

  • That was a close one

    That was a close one

    A short story by AI Ray, Peter, Winston, and Egon were the Ghostbusters, and they…

  • Ghostbusters VS Darth Vader

    Ghostbusters VS Darth Vader

    The following story was written by AI: It was the year 2055, and the world…

  • The Atlantic

    The Atlantic

    This artwork was created by

  • Custom Roles

    Custom Roles

    Add as many or few custom roles as you would like! Are you team Egon…

  • Video Chat

    Video Chat

    Come hang out on a video call with us. We often stream movies and shows…….

  • GB World Hub

    GB World Hub

    Ghostbusters World Hub, aka GB World Hub, is a fan-created website that started out as…

  • The Lone Ghostbuster

    The Lone Ghostbuster

    TikTok celebrity, artist and apparently lonely Ghostbuster! Available 24 hours a day for ALL your…

  • Pizza Plazm

    Pizza Plazm

    Staten Island NYC based freelance artist that sells his original pieces and prints of nerdy…



    Think you’ve got what it takes to be the best at GBSU? Let’s see! Join…

  • A channel for everyone!

    A channel for everyone!

    We have over 80 channels for every topic of the fandom you can think of!…

  • RPG Bot

    RPG Bot

    Our exclusive RPG bot game where you can use emoji to play through over 100…

  • Something Strange

    Something Strange

    Artwork by Richi Crypt

  • River of Slime!

    River of Slime!

    Snarles — 12/06/2022 9:22 PM “might aswell post this here since i drew the river…

  • Our members love us!

    Our members love us!

    A few kind words from community members



    Artwork by @Delirious!

  • Staypuft Marshmallow Man

    Staypuft Marshmallow Man

    Artwork by PizzaPlazm

  • Janosz & VIGO!

    Janosz & VIGO!

    Artwork by @espa

  • Egon & Peter

    Egon & Peter

    Artwork by @Silverhand

  • Abby n Elton

    Abby n Elton

    Artwork by @Rei Zeddemore

  • Dyno Trouble

    Dyno Trouble

    Artwork by Richard Crypt

  • Mayor Sylvia O’Malley

    Mayor Sylvia O’Malley

    by @Gwen in Doubt It’s a tad rushed since it’s about 4:30 for me, but…

  • Call the Ghostbusters – Issue 1

    Call the Ghostbusters – Issue 1

    “Spring, 1985. Five months after saving the world from Gozer the Gozerian, New York City continues to have paranormal problems of all kinds! So who do they call? The GHOSTBUSTERS, that’s who! After another tiring day of ghost riddled work, the boys in gray head back to HQ for a night of relaxation. However, things are about to get hot when an old flame of Peter’s barges back into his life, and she’s not alone … Get ready to believe again with Issue 1 of Call The Ghostbusters!”

  • Egon S.

    Egon S.

    Artwork by @【Sleepy Khan】#3115

  • Ghostbusters Universe

    Ghostbusters Universe

    Artwork by @Richi Crypt#0950

  • Peter got Slimed

    Peter got Slimed

    Artwork by @HCRC#6946

  • The Toy Store

    The Toy Store

    Artwork uploaded by @RaNDOM#0792

  • RGB Janine

    RGB Janine

    Artwork by @PizzaPlazm

  • IDW Egon Doodle

    IDW Egon Doodle

    Art work uploaded by @Gwen In Doubt

  • RGB Art

    RGB Art

    Artwork by PizzaPlazm

  • See you soon

    See you soon

    Artwork by Steven (EKGB)

  • True Love

    True Love

    Artwork by Silverhand

  • Proton Pack

    Proton Pack

    A nice proton pack by “definitely not luke”

  • Killer Replica

    Killer Replica

    Uploaded by Aces, EET (1991)

  • Member Highlight Post

    Member Highlight Post

    One of several images posted by Lapish for their Member Highlight Post

  • RC Trap build

    RC Trap build

    Uploaded by Lapish

  • By KyrieKa

    By KyrieKa

    Art featured in Showcase

  • By Pizza Plazm

    By Pizza Plazm

    Artwork featured in showcase